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Jack on the Crack

  • Vector art created in Adobe Illustrator
06.26.13 3

Adobe Achievement Design Awards Entry

  • Semifinalist entry for AADA. Created in Adobe Photoshop.
06.17.13 1

World of Dance

  • A fake magazine publication and ad for the World of Dance 2013 event held in Montreal, Canada. Created in Adobe inDesign and Photoshop.
06.17.13 5

Technical Illustration

  • Created in Adobe Illustrator
06.17.13 3

Technical Illustration (Dodge Challenger)

  • Created in Adobe Illustrator
06.17.13 4

Technical Illustration (Elisa Lizarraga)

  • Created in Adobe Illustrator
06.17.13 2

National Baseball and Softball Expo

  • Flyer created for the NBS Expo and lower thirds example.
06.17.13 0


  • Logo set created for an international communication company intended to connect people from the States to Africa
06.17.13 0

George Whitfield Football Camp & Rock Tour

  • Flyers created for a football camp held in San Diego, Ca.
06.17.13 0